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[FACEBOOK] 每个营销人员都需要知道的13个有用的Facebook广告功能









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! Z: p1 @+ }% T7 N
& R$ ~" ]; n& d/ _1 [2 M6 J  }: a

& r' F; K* Z# _& O
) p  `) U. d, V  f" A4 s7 ?
. \) z4 U7 V2 @- d+ h3 \4 C
Facebook is a channel that is changing all the time, which doesn’t always make it easy for busy marketers to keep up with each and every small change.
# |9 F; \' g/ m9 g
Aside from the common powerful marketing tools like lookalike audiences, there are additional Facebook features that are less prevalent but can make a world of difference for the right campaign.
" N( w6 z  u% M+ W+ H2 @6 u
This post will use the updated Business Manager navigation bar. This navigation update just introduced in late July and, as of publication, has not been released to all advertisers, so there might be some small differences in what you see and what is reflected in this post.

3 g# L% h+ p- T3 |. W4 y
Facebook Tools
In my opinion, Facebook has a lot of great tools for advertisers that fly under the radar.
, K  f: \' T! i: u' k. H2 Y. r
Many of these make advertising on Facebook easier, but you may not know about several of them.
: g5 B* U7 i2 l* I( ?' n( O
Let’s hop in.

% f$ N& s' O. i4 F
1. Third-Party Tag Integration
Setting up the Facebook pixel used to entail several steps, especially when it came to shopping carts and event tracking.
Back in 2017, Facebook made this process much easier with the integration tool that can be found within Business Manager.
% m1 @; Y: U- B1 n
Advertisers using Google Tag Manager, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce can implement the Facebook pixel without touching the code to their website. Click on the link for each platform to see step-by-step instructions.

/ t* m- V6 ~8 }- {/ _' q* R( N8 q
Get started by selecting “Events Manager” in the new Facebook navigation sidebar.

  v/ `+ K2 a4 _/ P7 j; v
Click “View Setup Instructions” to see how to create your pixel.

+ M# u; Q* e, F; [; T' }3 S
Follow the steps to get started and then use the next tool below to double-check your implementation.
( u3 C0 A+ J( e5 ]" P) X1 }4 i
2. Pixel Helper
2 N, C  q. Q  x9 W+ P+ x( J! E  M# C  H  z3 p! Z; }

6 K0 H3 w' q# o) ], j0 l' ?8 O
3 Y) c2 {( @  B! b

; t. O2 s* }/ [, i& T, P
Before getting started in any channel, it’s important to not only set up your conversion pixel but also confirm it is firing properly.

7 V8 e. P0 |( `: \
Facebook’s Chrome extension allows advertisers to double-check implementation, troubleshoot their pixel and learn how to improve performance before launching campaigns.

9 @2 P- \% _& s6 K) y" p, m) L
Check out this list of error messages once you have downloaded the tool.

4 o4 f+ k: ~0 u8 m0 |# t
3. Creative Hub
# g3 [: O; a, B2 i( x+ U

, n# ?  I. f4 Z) _
Creative Hub is an ad mockup tool that allows users to test different ad types, placements, and ad elements.
$ X# ?) K3 D& ]: |
These mockups can be saved for later reference.
9 f' k* l: |; c8 _* q1 b
Slideshow, video and interactive ads can also be tested here.
2 Q) z  k& A. }3 u* D
This tool can be very useful when pitching new ad types to clients.

% I/ C3 u$ v: e. @8 j
You can find Creative Hub in the Facebook navigation sidebar by clicking the “dot” button and scrolling down to “Advertise” > “Creative Hub”.
8 x# d6 ]) W/ p
4. Image Text Check Tool* S- j+ F2 O8 D; m9 j$ k( z% M
According to Facebook, images with less than 20% text perform better.
& k2 j4 @9 ]: n. C2 r+ e" N
Because of this belief, Facebook and Instagram images are automatically reviewed for the amount of text before being eligible to run on the platforms. (Unless the images qualify for one of these exceptions.)
, I1 j: @2 R* Q  P" d1 f$ b, r
If there is too much text in your image, it will be served at a lower rate.
4 ?! u" H  a3 B9 l
Hidden away in Creative Hub is a tool that has the power to solve many advertiser’s problems with “too much text in image” errors.
+ a$ @2 M' B$ S; ^0 P" P4 L
Upload images into the Image Text Check tool to make sure delivery will be normal.
2 P9 _9 t4 u! B' s  b+ R
Stop wasting time with ad disapprovals: this is a tool worth utilizing any time new ads are launched!
* |" W) w. N/ F9 T; C4 G) a
You can find this tool within Creative Hub under Tools > Image Text Check.
' E. L. U0 M, G' N; D. q/ g
5. Facebook Analytics
" [& t1 j7 a: K2 R. t6 N
This tool offers additional insights on Facebook performance.
, E/ K, C9 F( D
You can access this tool in the Business Manager navigation bar by using the menu and selecting “Analytics” under “Analyze and Report”.
/ a1 w; Y  m3 e- I1 K
Similar to Google Analytics and other tools, you can see user metrics, engagement metrics, page metrics and user demographics.
/ ?" d! ^* l7 c; e" J7 O6 N
You can create Funnels that include a sequence of actions you’d like to measure.

. K5 i( n7 V" ?# ]! N6 \
You can also create Cohorts of users to track behavior over time, create pivot tables (called “Breakdowns“) for on-going data reporting, create Dashboards and review Lifetime Value, among other features.
! R. @5 r- z8 F
To get started with Facebook Analytics, I’d recommend checking out the Analytics blog.
9 z$ o  P1 {+ X& n* H* y5 Q
6. Audience Insights
2 F& p1 ]5 u4 k$ `
This interactive audience tool offers additional details on your Facebook audience that you aren’t able to gather from Facebook Analytics.
4 _2 _9 @% R/ q+ h, \% w
You can access this feature through the navigation menu and scrolling down to “Analyze and Report” > “Audience Insights”.

2 K: a# A7 C6 q, n+ M, P+ @
You can build your ideal target audience and gather demographic, Page likes, Facebook usage data, and interests.

( d& t6 |$ c4 |- q: q
If you have additional information you want to provide about your audience, click Advanced.

& O: }% u# S& p# f* f0 `0 m. t! \
Each of these sections has multiple options available for selection.
) Q: b2 R: {- E/ o; |) y
Below is a look at how categories of Pages that my audience likes.
9 `2 ^/ L3 z# _( S8 V; A
You can also see Pages that are likely to be relevant to your audience based on their interests and how likely your audience is to like these pages (versus the rest of Facebook).
) J+ D2 p" P$ ^# |( `
If you’re looking for ways to put this data to good use, here are some ways to use audience insights data to further your marketing efforts.
& L# E( x2 A$ n  e3 o
4 ^6 J9 z0 ?. D$ m& }
这里 【The 27-Point Checklist to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Cyber Monday】

/ P8 t+ G2 S2 z: o% m& Z: L# d
; L* J1 r0 `/ \) S# m  {9 P+ O
# ?8 ^8 u+ F" ~

! }/ ^0 A" {2 U+ o5 ^
9 `: ]7 j8 }$ k& P, B


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